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Leon has gained notoriety for introducing IP CCTV Installation across implies our clients have solid conviction that their security is in the best hands.

Leon utilize best fit for reason IP CCTV frameworks to guarantee reconciliation with existing IT applications and approaches. Leon network-based CCTV frameworks give diminished running expenses, expanded adaptability, decision of video investigation and incredible picture quality.

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Traditional CCTV frameworks utilize simple connects to interface cameras to the control station and DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

In any case, remote or IP CCTV frameworks consistently connect cameras, control stations and NVRs together on an IP (Internet Protocol) organization. IP networks are generally IT-based, and IP associations are made over a CAT5 or CAT6 information link organization. This framework can be handily incorporated with any current IP network assets; for instance, the organization LAN, WAN (switch) and broadband associations.

An IP CCTV framework empowers simple admittance to video information from organized cameras and can be gotten to distantly from home or anyplace on the planet, on any gadget with a web association, including cell phones, tablets and PCs. Advanced film can be immediately evaluated by nearby or outer sources, for example, observing station staff or the police. You don't have to go to a site to cross examine a tape-based framework to a particular point, as the frameworks can look for movement location, or explicit and hazardous personal conduct standards.

IP CCTV camera frameworks are quick supplanting simple frameworks, with VTBPO specialists in the establishment and arranging of IP frameworks and administration.


  • Uses PoE to ensure reliability.
  • Best security features.
  • Fits well with existing IT infrastructure.
  • Large range of HD and Mega-Pixel cameras.

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Network in control room for design


Powering the cameras through the network has a number of advantages:

  • Avoids special, costly power supplies.
  • Enables easier application of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).
  • Reduces cost of installation.
  • Simplifies maintenance.


  • Store nearly a month’s footage.
  • Central or remote recorder.
  • The system can fail over to local recording.
  • You can watch low-res pictures live but view HD recordings.
  • Lowers cost of remote monitoring.
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We use market leading software within our IP CCTV cameras, which offer the following advantages:

  • Produces a fully scalable solution.
  • Integrates with other security systems.
  • Supports a variety of camera manufacturers.
  • Comprehensive analytics.
  • Easy to use.

CCTV with extensive Image Quality

Picture quality is obviously one of the significant highlights of any camera. That is the reason IP CCTV cameras from VTBPO give higher picture quality in even helpless lighting conditions, permitting the distinguishing proof of occurrences with unmatched picture quality.

Our IP observation frameworks additionally guarantee that in basic circumstances you can distinguish what is truly occurring and as a rule advise the common specialists to capture interlopers while they are as yet anywhere nearby.

In a completely computerized IP observation framework, pictures from an organization camera are digitized just a single time and they stay advanced with no pointless transformations, hence no picture debasement because of distance went over an organization.

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